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The route of Ilardia


Ilardia, a Spanish company with more than 60 years in the market, began as a small workshop  in the heart of Galdakao, in the Basque Country and has grown to acquire modern facilities located in the heart of the Basque industrial fabric. We have a production team that follows a correctly automated procedure thanks to the gradual implementation of new and improved technologies.

Ilardia, is a pioneer in the manufacture of a wide range of copper, aluminium and bimetallic terminals and connectors, manufactured with our own moulds and with the best quality materials from well-known European suppliers of industrial tubes, thus complying with the strictest standards for electrical applications.

All this allows us to:

· To offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to the needs of each customer in different markets and industrial sectors.

· To apply special treatments to our products for their installation in places affected by extreme circumstances, thus avoiding corrosion or deterioration due to high temperatures, sandstorms, exposure to seawater salinity...



Ilardia online

You will be able to find all our products, buy them directly or place your order, maintaining the usual conditions and payment method..

ISO 9001 Quality

Our effort to always offer the best, allows us to annually renew the management system certificate under the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, awarded by (AENOR).

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are key factors in the industrial model pursued by ilardia, digitalising our processes and offering transparent communication.

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